Introducing the Adirondack Hanging Bed

Galland Homes is pleased to release the Adirondack Hanging Bed. This bed is a redesign of the popular Ojai Hanging Bed and is meant as an accessory for the Adirondack Log Home or Adirondack Pavilion.

The Adirondack Hanging Bed by Galland Homes

The Adirondack Hanging Bed includes 47 animations in 23 PG poses. It goes perfectly with the Adirondack Pavilion!

The Adirondack Hanging Bed

Visit the Adirondack Hanging Bed in Second Life HERE

Shop Online at: Galland Homes is on the SL Marketplace




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2 responses to “Introducing the Adirondack Hanging Bed

  1. “Introducing the Adirondack Hanging Bed | Galland Homes” was a excellent
    posting. If perhaps it possessed even more photographs this
    would most likely be possibly even much better. Thank
    u ,Charlotte

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