Galland Homes is a participant in the For the Love Of…. Hunt

Galland Homes is pleased to participate in this year’s “For The Love Of….Hunt” offered by the Cookie Jar home and garden community of merchants.  The Hunt begins at midnight on February 1 and runs through February 15!  Good luck hunters!

Visit: HERE for information about the Cookie Jar and the FTLO Hunt.

Galland Home is offering the new Adirondack Hanging Bed to hunt participants.  This unique bed will be offered with the Adirondack Pavillion as an accessory to the forthcoming, partial mesh, Adirondack Log Home.

Also, entrants should read about the photo contest!  A winning photo by hunt participants including the Adirondack Hanging Bed will earn you L$2500 in store credit at Galland Homes!

The PG bed includes 47 animations and 23 poses.

Adirondack Hanging Bed_base

Visit Galland Homes in Second Life HERE


Shop Online at: Galland Homes is on the SL Marketplace


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