Galland Homes 5th Anniversary Event. 50% off all models. March17, 2012 – March 31st, 2012

In honor of turning five years of age, ALL Galland Homes models are 50% OFF between March 17, 2012 and April 1, 2012.
Come celebrate with Galland Homes and SAVE!

Galland Homes 5th Anniversary Event

Galland Homes opened within Second Life in February 2007 and has aspired to provide high quality and unique home designs to the Second Life community since.

In its introductory publications five years ago, Galland Homes announced that it wanted to recognize what was so unique about the Second Life experience.  In our virtual existence, one can easily be whisked away to luxury beach front property, drive luxury automobiles, and wear beautiful clothing and jewelry.  Your housing in Second Life should be no different and should allow you to realize your dreams.

Over the past five years, Galland Homes has tried to honor that mission and, judging by the response of the Second Life community, it has been successful.

For the next two weeks, Galland Homes wants to give back to the community in recognition for the support it has received.  All home models, whether luxury mansions, log homes, or elegant beach homes, are being offered with unprecedented savings and at prices never before seen.

Thank you for your support of Galland Homes.


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