Galland Homes and the “Where is the Concert” Hunt.

Galland Homes is pleased to participate in the “Where is the Concert” Hunt running between January 20, 2012 and February 3, 2012.


For our hunt object, Galland Homes is pleased to present its first mesh object, the Roman Gazebo.  This new mesh product comes complete with baked lighting and textures and is only 5 Prim LI.


On Feb 4th, 2012 from 6pm – 8pm SLT for the first time ever,  Mankind Tracer & The Follow will be performing  back to back live video concerts at a SECRET location following the 2 week long hunt around Second Life. 

There are 52 locations to visit and get quality freebies from great content creators.

You can start at any location and by finding and clicking the “Ticket” it will give you the freebie and in local chat you will be given the slurl or your map will open to the next location until you get through them all!

You MUST complete all 52 before being invited to the exclusive group that will give you concert access!

Upon completion of the hunt, contact KALLI BIRMAN or JENNA DIRVAL, when they are online, to receive your group invite.


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