Shadyside Redux – Featured @ the SL Designers Remix!

Galland Homes is proud to present the Shadyside Redux

Featured at this years SL Designers Remix!

This incredibly cozy, 1 bedroom loft style home boasts only 188 prim, with a 27x22m layout, this home is perfect for those with a 2048sqm parcel or larger.

Features of the Shadyside Redux include;
– Lockable Doors
– Windows with different privacy settings
– Media Controls for TV and Radio, giving you the opportunity to store your favorite Media URLS within the homes system for future use.
– The teleport feature, allows you to store your favorite SLURL’s within the homes system, making going to your favorite stores as easy as clicking on a panel inside your home!

We are also proud to announce that we have been partnered with the Talent and lovely Elle Crescendo of Designer Prims who has decorated the Shadyside Redux with her excellent, modern furnishings.


Visit the Shadyside Redux at the Sl Designer Remix!

Visit the store in world!

You can also check us out at



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2 responses to “Shadyside Redux – Featured @ the SL Designers Remix!

  1. Thank you so much, it was an absolute pleasure to decorate such a beautiful home 🙂

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