The Monteray by Galland Homes

I am pleased to offer the Monteray by Galland Homes to Second Life.

The Monteray by Galland Homes

233 Prims
28 x 27 m.
Fits most 2048 sq. m. or larger lots;
COPY/MOD/NO Transfer. (Please note the home comes with no mod scripts so the package will appear no mod to you even when in your inventory);

The Monteray was designed to combine an open design and elegant floor plan with architectural elements detailing the beauty found in mediterranean style homes today. This home uses many custom sculpted accents to provide low-prim features and detail.

Sculpted items such as window sills, trim, and corbels, have been designed to represent modern archtectural foam products that are used to accent exteriors of mediterranean homes. Additionally, other sculpted items, such as: columns; lanterns; window arches, footboards; book shelves; and fireplace accents help make the home more detailed while remaining prim efficient.

The one-bedroom home contains a living room, den, and bedroom, with easy access into and out of both the front and rear of the home. Attention has been paid to traffic flow as well as providing shadow texturing for realism.

The Monteray comes complete with the new (May 2011) Galland Homes home control system as well.   The script system is landlord friendly, reliable, and offers customizable options for its user.

The Monteray Living Room

The Monteray Living Room

The Monteray Bedroom

The Monteray BedroomThe Monterary Rear Porch


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