The Laguna Beach by Galland Homes

I have to admit, the last year and a half or so of my real life took from a lot of the time I used to devote to developing new products.  Well, I am happy to say that I feel I am back.  The desire is back anyway and I am excited to move forward with new projects.  The Laguna Beach is one such project. 

I wanted to return to the contemporary arena because I think that style lends itself to being low-prim.  While simple and rustic designs have become very popular in Second Life, there will always be a sizeable portion of residents in Second Life who want a modern home for their 4096 sq.m.  coastal lots.

I was pleased to be directed by another designer to Insight Designs.  I have since enjoyed expanding upon my texture libary there and cannot compliment Amisha March and Lubo Plubeau enough.  Lubo Plubeau’s stucco walls and moulded stucco walls packages helped me accomplish what I wanted to with the Laguna Beach.  There are clean lines and cool colors throughout in this house.  These contrast with the white wood floor and chocolate stained ceilings very nicely I hope.   The large windows were one of the first design elements I put into place and are essential to enjoying what I wanted the Laguna Beach to be – a house that makes you feel your living experience is merging with the white sand and blue ocean.  

The Laguna Beach is now available at Galland Homes and on the Marketplace.


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