The Shenandoah Farm House

This two-story home is indicative of farm houses found throughout the Eastern United States.  From New Hampshire to Georgia, one can see numerous examples of old homes like this, old by American’s standards anyway, nestled amongst the rolling hills and wide valleys where the nation was first settled.  It is fitting that this home takes the name of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley where old style, aged wood, and hand-laid stone foundations, are maintained by tender loving care.  The “Valley” is alive with bright white farm houses showing vibrant and freshly painted doors and shutters.  These farm homes remain incredibly functional and stylish in today’s world and rank with log homes for their abilities to conjure romantic thoughts and lure city dwellers to the country for elegant weekends spent in bed and breakfasts.

This prefab homes has been constructed in a colonial style and purposefully attempts to appear aged, though maintained.  The long front porch with included swinging bench* is a warm welcome to the home and a place where you and friends can spend many wonderful moments together.   Sculpted railings surround the porch.

Those who know my Somerset Log Home will recognize the floor plan and modern kitchen – the latter of which is composed of 30 prims and is included.**  The front living room and kitchen are located on the first floor.  A working stone fireplace centers the living room.  Appropriately decorated, you will feel warm and comfortable in this room which features sculpted timber beam work, plaster ceilings, hard wood floors, and charming wallpapered surroundings.

As you ascend the sculpted stairs complete with sculpted railings, you enter the bedroom area which also comes complete with a working fireplace.  A wall divider separates this area for you to make use of a nook as a reading area, den, nursery, etc.

The Shenandoah Farm House by Galland Homes

Shenandoah Farm House Living Room*The sculpted swinging bench is composed of 5 prims and includes 12 animations and 7 poses.  The animations are powered by the nPose system.  Simply sit on the bench to receive a menu for animations and instructions as to how to make the bench swing.  There are NO poseballs.

** The kitchen set is not linked to the house and can be removed to lower your prim count or for you to make different use of the rear room.

***7 prim sculpted lanterd is included and is copiable to use as you wish.  It is not linked to the house, but easily placed and works simply by using chat commands.

You can visit this model here:

The Shenandoah is offered at L$1995.

Available on the SL Marketplace as well:


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